Fireplace Insulation Services Knoxville TN

Over the years, Archie’s Stone & Fireplace has performed countless fireplace installations. This has also given us plenty of experience with the insulation installation that accompanies them. If you have insulation needs in the Knoxville, TN area and are looking for a qualified professional to help you, give us a call. We charge less than most pure insulation companies, and we promise our work will surpass even the best of them.

Installation Of Insulation

Batt and Blown Insulation

Our capabilities extend to both batt and blown-in insulation. Not only can we help you determine the right insulation for a particular application, we can explain the R-value benefits and the specifications of your particular insulation choice. Whether it’s rolled batt for maximum insulation capabilities or blown-in insulation for those hard-to-reach areas, we bring you the promise of warmth through a thorough insulation installation.

Closeup Of Manual Worker In Protection Gloves Pushing The Tile Into The Cement On The Fireplace Wall

Code-Compliant Installations

Unmitigated airflow due to poor insulation is one of the biggest causes of energy inefficiency for homeowners. To help reduce the rate of this airflow, building codes have been updated to comply with IECC energy code requirements, which make sealing gaps a critical part of every insulation installation. We thoroughly seal every insulation job using proven air-sealing techniques, to keep your home code-compliant and energy efficient.

Trust the Experts for Insulation

We’re proud to be a leader among insulation companies in Knoxville, TN, and we stand by our work. Expect batt or blown insulation of the highest quality, sealed to deliver the highest-possible efficiency rating.

Whether you’re installing a new fireplace or need the air gaps in your home insulated to keep you warmer during the winter, Archie’s Stone & Fireplace is ready to help. Contact us today at 865-688-0123 to discuss insulation installation options and to learn more about our code-compliant techniques. We’ll help keep you warm, all through the winter!